World’s Top 10 Oil Producing Nations of 2019

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

This article is informative and must be considered as a source of research for Crude Oil trading strategy design purposes.

The amount of Oil a nation produces is measured in a unit called Barrels per Day or BPD, so literally a count of barrels gathered per day by an oil rich nation. To put the measurement in perspective, a barrel of oil equates to about 0.03 gallons of oil per minute. Natural resources in the form of oil wells trap crude oil along with water and other natural gases. The idea is to extract water and these natural gases out and the remainder Oil extract contributes to Barrels per Day headcount.

Top Oil Producers in 2019

(Source: Contrawiz research, picture credit: Contrawiz)

Highlighted in the map and listed below are top 10 nations of the world that produce maximum Oil in millions of barrels per day.

Top Oil Producer By Daily Production Volumes

(Source: Contrawiz research, picture credit: Contrawiz)

Saudi Arabia is highlighted in a separate color and to find out more refer to Saudi Aramco Oil facilities hit with drone attacks and the impact.

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