Top 10 Resources For Daily Fundamentals For Traders

One of the projects I worked on in the past involved offering trading recommendations for a set of Asian, European, American securities along with Commodities and major FOREX pairs, during the respective regional trading hours. These trading recommendations were based on the financial news, economic data releases, any major economic events and the impact of these on the security price. Volume of securities assessed and recommended daily ranged between 30 - 60. Given the sheer high number of securities, to remain up-to-date with on a very regular basis, the research process had to be standardized. The idea was to substantiate analyst recommendation with source of information be it news article, specific data forecasts vs actuals, technical charts etc thus giving just enough details to serve the authenticity and back-link to origins should traders decide to dig deeper before placing trade in the market.

Top 10 Reading Material for Traders

Here’s my key source list of financial analysis, which would be useful for the like minded analysts and traders:

1. - Asia, Europe and America regional selection nicely segregates the stories per region. Top panel with major index live moves is something to keep an eye on constantly as is the Breaking news channel for instant news feeds.

2. - Like Bloomberg, this news source is also very popular and provides regional country specific selection. Sections to generally explore include Business, Markets and Technology sections for latest information.

3. - Nice images and coverage of regional information including Startups related news.

4. - This is another information source with rich analytical reading material for various traded securities / instruments. Like the Trending Articles and Top News panels. For the latest tweets, Market Outlook area gives real-time feeds. One can also contribute via blogs, comments etc while creating and managing own portfolio.

5. - This is becoming a favorite too with packed news specifically to cover US trading session.

6. - Despite the decline of Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo email and other Yahoo service, its Finance section remains sought after and up-to-date. It allows readers to customize feeds from several sources, default setting just acts perfect with mainly US news of the day. For someone in Asia, starting with Yahoo! Finance in the morning (Asia pre-trading hours), gives a complete prior day US view (key stories overnight).

7. - Another live / real-time source to review during the US pre-trading and trading hours.

8. - Very specific to currency markets but live 24 hours daily covering all the currency markets. Their Real-Time News panel has continuous flow of tweets with FOREX analysis, recommendations, video links to weekly / daily Outlook, national data releases etc.

9. and - These are great resources specially for Earnings calendar and Fundamental data calendar.

10. There are several more like,,, and that are worth bookmarking as well.

Above list is in no way comprehensive, please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section for further interesting reading material.

Happy Holidays to all our readers, have a very festive time with the loved ones. Enjoy reading!