Binary Trading

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Binary Trading which stands for Binary Options Trading is a more recently widespread form of trading whose results are binary or else "0 or 1" or "Lose or Win". It includes a subset of regular Options trading with Calls and Puts. Trader makes a bet whether the price of the underlying instrument/asset will go up or down and accordingly buy or sell binary option. If the underlying asset price goes up then trader wins and makes money for this "IN" the market trade. On the contrary, if in our example, the price of underlying asset goes down then trader loses all his money for this "OUT" of the market trade.

Binary Trading is regulated in the US and due to the gained popularity being regulated in non-US trading markets as well. They are less traded on the exchange and are mostly Over The Counter. There are intermediate brokerages that offer opportunities to the registered traders. A note of caution though while selecting the right broker and ruling out involvement with scam brokers (as there are some in the market with no regulation).

The underlying asset can be stocks, or FOREX, or else commodities thus binary trading forms a one-stop-shop for trading all sorts of markets. Although not all stocks have binary options for them.

We recently conducted a thorough study on binary options that got published on the front page of BinaryScamCheck. Please follow this link to get answers to questions on binary trading:

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and more....

Enjoy getting to know more about the latest trading instruments: "binary options trading" with us.


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