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Updated: Dec 23, 2019

How does the global economic calendar look this week? It is going to be a relatively quiet with lot of economic data expected with Low to Medium impact on markets as such. Thursday has a bundle of High impact data releases, so set your trading strategies accordingly for commodities and FOREX trade specifically.

Here's how the High impact events are spread out for the week (source: DailyFX)

In addition, the news that caught our attention was: China is planning to ban trading Bitcoins, a blow to Cryptocurrencies.

Also, a quick review of ValueWalk, led to introduction of a book that I would like to get my hands on: Big Money Thinks Small by a Fidelity Fund Manager, Joel Tilling Hast. Some key statements include:

“Most companies lack a strong character. This does not mean that they will be poor investments—only that they are less apt to be exceptional.”

Six things that make him nervous: companies that must lie to stay in business, tiny audit firms, inside boards, glamorous rollups, financial firms, and sunny havens.

Ascertaining the value of a stock requires assessing the four elements of value: profitability or income, life span, growth, and certainty. This is no easy task since these elements “reflect regular patterns of social behavior,” not the laws of physics.


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