Market-watch: Profit taking / Balancing act

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

What is the right price to enter Indian Stock markets or else exit on profit taking ? Index watch NIFTY 50.

In our previous article (Overview of Indian Stock Market Indices / NIFTY at all time highs), we provided a relative comparison of global stock markets (US Index S&P 500 and UK Index FTSE) with NIFTY 50. We took a deep dive into NIFTY performance and Sector-wise Indices performance overview. Global Indices have amazed everyone in recent months (later half of 2016 and early 2017) with all time high price levels. It has been difficult to explain real cause of these high stock prices as well as rising Index levels. Is it a market bubble or a sustainable growth for entire market as such ? Whether we are on the verge of a depression or else expected to see a permanent upgrade ?

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As per our analysis, markets are showing signs of settlement, i.e. leveling downwards, from never reached high levels seen not very long ago. For existing investors, it is a good time to exit (partially) on profit. A further confirmation of plummeting market will be at recent support levels (as shown by pink arrows on NIFTY 50 chart here, chart / index taken as an example).

These levels could act as trade entry points for newer investors, like me, who are keen to enter the market, from a long time perspective. Keep following for further views / opinions.


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