NIFTY at all time highs

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

NSE's NIFTY index (NIFTY 50 and NIFTY 100) is flying high at 10,000 plus levels, not seen before. Here's the live scoreboard for all NIFTY indices. All basket company stocks seem to be performing well as indicated by the green % Change numbers for NIFTY index categories.

Only (% Change) number negative is the INDIA VIX. VIX index, generally indicates fear factor or the caution traders take to trade market. A low VIX is an indicative of less caution or less fear amongst investors. A historic look at VIX vs the stock index shows somewhat inverse correlation.

Let's take a look at various sectors as a next step. Here's another live scoreboard for NIFTY Sectoral Indices. Banks, Financial Services (PSU / PVT) are the front runners with +1% intra-day growth (same trend seen for prior weeks). Realty is also doing great, in comparison to the Automobile, Information Technology, FMCG and MEDIA sectors. Laggers include Metals and Pharma, which could be a temporary phase and we might see reversal in these sectors.

Next deep dive would be to look into individual stocks within high performing Sector Indices. An assessment of individual stocks will be done in upcoming analysis.

While I perform this analysis and share it with a wider audience, my idea is to learn as much as possible about the fast growing Indian Stocks market. This is the chart that I started off with.

Here is a comparative analysis of NIFTY, S&P 500 and FTSE, for past 5 years. It is quite clear that in percentage terms Indian market is growing fast and something to keep an eye on. Whether it is too late to enter into this growth market yet or not, is something I would like to understand. With reduced interest rates from the ever safer Fixed Income Products, I am keen to figure out a right entry point and specific stocks and indices to invest my hard earned money into.


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