BSE SENSEX hits 30,000

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

The S&P BSE SENSEX index, one of the oldest indices covering 30 wide variety Indian company stocks, hit a historic psychological level of 30,000 points yesterday, 5th April 2017. This performance is in-line with global indexes that are also trading near record high levels.

One year performance of the SENSEX and a snapshot heat-map of 30 constituent companies is shown here. All time high and low points, along with yearly (52 week) high and low points can be found too.

Investment Strategy: For those who already bought the index a while ago, its a good time to exit partially on profit taking. The index remains expensive for new entrants/investors though. So wait for a pull-back in next few weeks/months and then take long positions.

Each of the constituent company stock also offers a wide variety of industry / sector coverage with mostly top performers in each. Good to keep a tab on the constituent companies and exit partially on profit taking. Consolidation/ re-balancing of portfolio is an option too.


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