Busy Week Ahead with Central Banks, Key Data

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

A (freelance) trade analyst / trader on Trading212, I publish trade ideas on regular basis on its social Trading app TradeBird. The coverage is mainly Asia, Europe and US stocks, related FOREX pairs and commodities like Gold, Silver and Oil.

As an analyst, its important to start my week by understanding key economic events in coming week. DailyFX, has an economic calendar embedded to it, that I usually refer to.

The calendar this week is full of high importance activities. We have European Central Bank's President Mario Draghi speaking later today in the European session. Watch out for impact/volatility in Euro and related currency pairs. Both Euro and Pound have started this current week on a positive note.

Wednesday will be another significant day for the markets, when Federal Reserve's Chair Janet Yellen holds a press conference with FOMC rate decisions and monetary policy highlights. In addition we will have the latest US Inflation numbers / CPI data / Retail Sales data, alongside New Zealand's GDP numbers. Thursday presents traders and investors with Bank of Japan rate and monetary policy details, alongside data coming from Australia, the UK and Switzerland. (AUDUSD, GBPUSD and USDCHF in focus).

Tuesday and Friday offer some critical information, and should act as a settlement/consolidation period for various financial instruments to digest the events / data released earlier and thereby get ready for upcoming influencers.


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