The Week Ahead: March 6

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Booming markets, balanced yet volatile currencies and commodities! Markets are already in 3rd month of 2017! Let's take a look at some High Importance events this coming week.

Reserve Bank of Australia is due to present its March Interest Rate decision this Tuesday, which is expected to remain unchanged at 1.5%. Japan releases its GDP numbers on same day with fore-casted rise to 1.6% from current 1%. Both the Australian Dollar and Japanese Yen have struggled to maintain their strength against the U.S. Dollar in recent times.

Monday and Wednesday remain quiet days of the week, in terms of high priority events, however there will be lot of data flowing in to keep an eye on. Thursday will be busy for China with latest Inflation figures as well as for the European Trading session, with the European Central Bank (ECB) due to release monitory policy details with regards various rate decisions (Repo, Lending and Deposit rates). Central Bankers have taken a wait and watch stance at year start, as political scene stabilizes thereby allowing markets to digest recent uncertainties.

Friday offers further insight in relation to recent debt scene in the world's second largest economy: China. In addition, the US and Canada release their respective Unemployment and Jobs data, which remain one of the key economic indicator closely watched by Central Banks and policy makers, in order to tweak monitory policy stance. No Federal Reserve (FED) talks this week, post last friday's hawkish indication from FED chair.

As mentioned earlier, in addition to these key events/data releases, there will be a number of other releases happening through the week offering traders money making opportunities. Included here is also daily trend for major currency pairs to assist in outlining short/mid/long term strategies.


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