Dow Jones Industrial Average: 20K to 21K

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Global stocks are making record highs. Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock Index made the fastest 1000 points run to cross 21,000 milestone for the first time ever, yesterday. It was just a month ago, in early February, when DJIA met 20,000 major milestone. Markets barely got accustomed to the 20K and here we have the next milestone of 21K! We wonder what's in store next ...

The companies that constitute DJIA contribute this major success of the Index. Some impressive YTD double digit growth for companies including Apple (+20%), Boeing (18%), Nike and Visa (each 14%), Cisco (13%) and many more. Here's a complete list of constituent companies:

And for the curious minds, to further understand all the history of DJIA, here's All of the important Dow milestones in one chart.