Investing like Warren Buffet

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

On February 14th, 2017, billionaire investor Warren Buffett released his latest 13F filing. A great analysis of Berkshire Hathway's investments can be found in Warren Buffett’s Top 20 High Dividend Stocks.

Key highlights from this are as follows:

1) 91% of Warren Buffett’s portfolio is invested in dividend stocks (top 20 stocks listed above)

2) Top 4 holdings have an average dividend yield of 2.9% (and make up 57% of his portfolio)

3) A diversified portfolio (across industries and sectors: Banks, FMCG, Automobiles, Technology, to name a few) of stocks

4) Recent additions include heavy weight airline stocks (Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Continental Group)

Known to be an extremely savvy stock picker with unbeatable success rate in terms of risk/return portfolio over decades, Warren Buffet has attracted attention of many investors / followers. The links to articles shared in this briefing are worth reading with detailed analysis of each of the above listed high-dividend stocks.

A note of caution though as a reminder that the stocks are generally expensive in recent times with global indexes touching all time record highs. Wait for a pull-back in interested companies for a buy position.