Global Markets in one chart

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

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Here's a Monday morning review of markets with a snapshot of major financial instruments and factors that impact the overall industry. The chart says it all.

US equities ($SPX) is at sky-rocketing record all time highs, boosted by the US Election outcome with hopes that new administration will outline and implement policies to benefit businesses. World Equities (MSCI), that represent developed markets stocks performance, is in tandem to $SPX and so is Emerging Markets (MSCI) stocks performance. EMG Markets have dropped from their peaks back in 2010 - 2011 and are striving to get back to those highs; immediately post 2008 crisis, investors dumped developed markets stocks to lot more safe and profitable EMG stocks. With Developed Economy back to its foot, reversal trend is seen.

Stability of Carry Trade Index and High Yields Corp Debt market is notable, while the sharp change in Risk-Reward Index is changing the base principal of investing: High Risk Implies High Returns. Or Not?

Surprising to see overall Commodity Index performance below 100 level (this could be driven mainly by Oil price fluctuations). FED Balance Sheet is at a mature saturation level.