Japan 225 / Nikkei Index

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Japan released GDP numbers Monday morning. Details can be found at Japan GDP Data - 13/Feb.

Japan 225 Index is treading at higher levels, last seen at 19494, 0.55% up for the day. Weakness in Japanese Yen vs the USD can be attributed to investor choice into riskier equities, pushing the index higher.

A bigger picture view on Nikkei weekly chart indicates consolidation in current range in the new year, after soaring almost 30% in 2016 from June lows to December highs. Tentative Cup and Handle pattern can be seen in formation, indicating further range bound side-ways traversal for the Index in coming weeks, before treading further higher. Upside resistance, on weekly, exists at 20032 and further at 20935. On the flip-side immediate support exists at 18755, a breakdown below which could take the index to Support at 18225 level.

Zoom-in to the daily view and a consolidation in form of zig-zag Elliott Waves within converging channel is seen. In short term, so within next few days, the Index could see itself at point C (19669) before reversal lower up-to point D (around 19000) and then back up to E. This consolidation, added to increasing interest could see Nikkei 225 break-out to further higher levels taking it to resistance levels on weekly (as discussed earlier).

Generally bullish outlook with favored buy on pull-back; lots of intra and inter day trading opportunities exist. Good luck!


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