As passionate analysts and traders we like to remain connected with the financial markets. At Contrawiz, our objective is to share our observations about the markets with our esteemed readers.


At present, Contrawiz publishes weekly outlook for Indian markets and US markets. We intend on extending this coverage to the European markets. We believe that for a holistic balanced investment portfolio, an investor will benefit from investing some proportion of their hard earned money in commodities as well as currencies. It remains our best attempt to study behavior in commodities and currency markets and publish our analysis with you on these topics as such.

As active traders we are in constant search of trading opportunities in the area of our expertise. We publish our real-life trade ideas on a regular basis, with the outcome of our trading results, for a 100% transparency. Do not forget to check our Trade Calls section for real-life trade ideas with links to detailed analysis and trade set-up for each and every trade idea.

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This is not trading or investment advice. Content on this website should be taken for educational purposes only. Trading financial markets is very risky, you may lose lot of money. We take no responsibility for your losses. For further details refer to our detailed Disclaimer.

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